New Release Day August 2016

Touch of Gray Book 3
After being gone for two months, Bryce Grayson, alpha of the Detroit were-panther clan, sends out a call to his cats, pulling their beasts before the full-moon cycle and causing all of them, including his brother Cole’s boyfriend, Sebastian, to run north to find him. An eclipse and a blood moon in perigee right over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are affecting more than just the tides in Lake Superior. The lunar storm has weres, ghosts and hormones running rampant.

Emotions run high between the brothers, the lovers and the panthers. The boys soon learn that when the demon you’re running from is nature, there aren’t a whole lot of places to hide.

Note: Runaway Moon is part of the Touch of Gray series, telling the ongoing adventures of Cole, Bryce and Sebastian. Each book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story.