Book 5 of the Touch of Gray Series

Book 4 of the Touch of Gray Series

Vegas Bound Book 3
Todd and Chase had been a school girl’s wet dream when Pansy was in high school. Her brother’s best friends were older, handsome, and strictly off limits as far as everyone else was concerned. When they left Nevada, she was devastated, and struggled to get on with her life without them in it.

All grown up and running an art gallery on the Las Vegas strip, the last people she expects to see wander in are the men she’s fought so hard to forget. As she learns what they have been up to while they were away, she can only hope that they’re back to stay, and that they’ll help her fulfill her darkest, submissive dreams.

Touch of Gray Book  5

Brie and Calvin Grayson had what anyone could see was a typical suburban life. With two young boys and a thriving dental practice, they were happy and comfortable…by day anyway. At night, they were an extermination team, ridding their home town of monsters to ensure the safety and comfort of their son Bryce, and their adopted son Cole.

It’s been a rough year for the Grayson boys and their partner Sebastian, learning the buried secrets of their family history, coming to terms with the emotions and attractions that have been building between them for so long and trying to manage hunting and being supernatural creatures, things have reached a boiling point.

On the anniversary of their parent’s murder, the boys find themselves trapped in a dangerous situation, trying their hardest to keep history from repeating itself.

Touch of Gray Book 4 After being gone for two months, Bryce Grayson, alpha of the Detroit were-panther clan, sends out a call to his cats, pulling their beasts before the full-moon cycle and causing all of them, including his brother Cole’s boyfriend, Sebastian, to run north to find him. An eclipse and a blood moon in perigee right over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are affecting more than just the tides in Lake Superior. The lunar storm has weres, ghosts and hormones running rampant.

Emotions run high between the brothers, the lovers and the panthers. The boys soon learn that when the demon you’re running from is nature, there aren’t a whole lot of places to hide.

Note: Runaway Moon is part of the Touch of Gray series, telling the ongoing adventures of Cole, Bryce and Sebastian. Each book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story.

Book 3 of the Touch of Gray Series

Touch of Gray Book 3 Something is killing club kids in Cleveland’s Warehouse District. Ohio’s deputy mayor, a longtime friend of Cole and Bryce Grayson, hires Touch of Gray detective agency to investigate the murders on the down-low. No one wants to advertise that something supernatural may be occurring, but the government can no longer pretend they’ve got the situation under control.

However, the deeper the boys’ investigation goes, the more mysterious this murderer becomes. As usual for the Grayson men, this case isn’t what it seemed to be. Tempers, politics and deception collide in this fast paced race to catch a killer before more kids lose their lives.

Book 2 of the Touch of Gray Series
Touch of Gray Book 2
This full moon brings out the animal in everyone. Add a coven of witches, and things are about to get too hot to handle. Someone’s getting burned.

Cole Grayson has been having a difficult time getting used to his brother Bryce and his lover Sebastian being were-panthers. His mind continues to envision the two of them together in their beast forms and it is playing hell on his nerves and his disposition.

When a job comes up to hunt witches he jumps at the chance to escape the weekend of the full moon. He soon realizes however that he will need his brother and his boyfriend to help track down the Sisters of the White and keep them from eating the souls of a pack of werewolves in a neighboring state.

Bryce and Sebastian have done their best to assure Cole that there is nothing other than friendship between them, but they cannot lie and say that there is not a pull between their beasts at times. They agree to assist on the witch hunt, but when all three of them are hit with a curse, they worry that their relationships will never be the same.

Book 1 of the Touch of Gray Series

Touch of Gray Book 1
Cole Grayson and his younger brother Bryce own a private investigation firm…or at least that’s what it says on their taxes. Actually, they are exterminators who hunt the preternatural bad guys of the world. One night, on the way home from one case they find another by the name of Sebastian Reaux, laying in a bloody heap on the side of the road.

Then they learn that Sebastian was attacked and infected by a were panther they are reluctant to bring him home, but the injured man and Cole find a quick attraction to each other that leads the oldest Grayson man to think there is a lot more to the future shifter than he realizes.

As the three men find themselves quickly pulled into a vicious battle, Cole realizes that it is no longer just his humanity he has to fear for, he also stands to lose the only two men who have ever made their way into his heart.

Ainsley Tennant has a secret. By day, she is the quintessential girl next door, a mild-mannered, small-town librarian with a 401k and no social life. But when the sun sets, she turns into a preternatural magnet. Every ghost, vampire and demon in a fifty-mile radius is drawn to her. Since she was a child, all she has ever wanted was to find someplace safe, far away from murder and mayhem so that these lost souls would no longer be drawn to her.

She believes she has finally found such a place in Logan, Ohio and has planted her roots firmly in the small, happy town. Still, not one to tempt fate, she does her best to be safely ensconced in her home before night fully takes hold of her peaceful village.

Unfortunately, her house may not be the safe haven she believed it. On Halloween, she finds herself walking the two blocks from work to her house well after midnight and realizes she is no longer alone on her journey. Turning to confront her pursuer, she comes face to face with one of the sexiest vampires she has ever encountered. Though her head tells her to run, her body begs to find out if anything good ever goes bump in the night.

Vegas Bound Series, Book Two

A typical day at the office is anything but for Charity Walters.

Charity knows she’s taking a risk when she agrees to wear a sex toy to work for her boyfriend, the Master in their home and her boss at work as well. She doesn’t really see how she can turn Burt down. She certainly has no idea that Burt has even bigger surprises in store for her that will make her squirm at her desk.

Confronted with the wishes of her current Dom and his former partner, Charity decides it’s time to turn the tables on these Alpha males. Maybe, they would both end up as her Masters, but none of them will ever forget who’s actually in charge.

Vegas Bound Series, Book One

Sassafras Jones had been working as an architect in Los Angeles until the economy tanked and she was forced to move back home to Las Vegas to live with her mother. Taking a job as a cocktail waitress wasn’t exactly a lateral career move, but she was to the point that she would take what she could get. 

Sassy never could have guessed that she would find herself back in the company of her old college friends, and crushes, Ryan Ducheine and Colbie Hammond. But after a chance meeting with them both she begins to wonder if maybe moving back home was the best decision she ever could have made. And when their feelings for her become clearer, she realizes that no matter what ‘bad boy’ image they both managed to project to the rest of the town, she may actually belong firmly in both their hearts of gold.

Reagan Baine works for a special forces unit of the US Army. Her first kill was at the tender age of eighteen when she took a contract on her boyfriend, who had turned out to be a serial killer half werewolf, half vampire.

When the object of her current manhunt discovers that she’s after him, he draws her back to Detroit Michigan, where she will have to face her past again, but this time she won’t be alone.

Though she has worked for years to distance herself from relationships, she finds that she is drawn to the two men escorting her back home. And they aren’t about to let her go without a fight.

With a vicious arms dealer on her trail, she finds herself having to learn to trust the monsters she’s spent years fighting and discover that opening her heart again may not be as painful as she’d always believed it would be

Ethan Conner and Jamie McHale have moved to Chicago so that Jamie can take over as King of the vampires of the city. But things are not going how they had planned. Ethan feels neglected as the new king is too busy trying to hold onto control of the city to spend enough time with his mate.

When Ethan is called home by his father to watch over his old kingdom in his parent’s absence, he is almost relieved to be leaving. The men try to work out a long distance relationship but the strain is just as hard on them as it had been before.

Meanwhile Jamie is fighting to assert his power over a group of vampires who remain loyal only to the former monarchy. He believes that his advisors are plotting behind his back and worries that he isn’t strong enough to hold things together on his own.

 The men need each other more than ever, but without the bond that originally brought them together, their stubbornness and aggression feels too strong to overcome again. Both are left to wonder if they are ever going to make things work or if they have been fighting a losing battle from the very beginning.

The Castle Elsinore, home to the royal family of Denmark, has played host to myriad secrets over many years. Recently, it has been the scene of the suspicious death of King Hamlet, the hasty remarriage of the Queen to Old Hamlet's brother and the late night meetings of young Prince Hamlet and his lover Felix.

Two broken boys, Hamlet and Felix have found comfort in their friendship since childhood. As they entered adulthood, their friendship grew into deeper feelings. Hamlet leans on his mate for support after the loss of his father and Felix takes strength from Hamlet as he endures the abuse of his own parent. But something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark.

The return of his father leaves Hamlet frightened and confused, not sure if the old King is a ghost or is truly one of the undead. Just when Hamlet thinks his life cannot become any more difficult, a life-shattering tragedy sends him into a downward spiral of confusion and despair. As his visions become sharper and more frequent, Hamlet can only wonder if what he sees is real or if he’s truly lost his mind.

Bella lives her life the way she drives her cars: too fast and too reckless. It was the reason she broke up with her detective boyfriend Erik when he wanted to get too serious. But when he pulls her over for speeding, she ends up getting a lot more than she ever thought she wanted or needed from him.

Lila Decker is appreciative that her brother's bosses at the Army base have allowed her to stay in his house while he's deployed, but she's getting restless. She decides to go to the local bar for a little fun, but a misunderstanding leads to her being disciplined by the Sergeant Major, who believes a good spanking is all she needs to change her attitude.

Roses are red, and white and yellow…

Scarlett’s husband, Scott, buys her roses every Friday night. He has his own code for what each bloom’s color means. Some nights, she’s in for romance; some nights it’s bondage. But this Friday, Scarlett comes home to find a new color of flower sitting on her table. Yellow. The color of friendship.

When she arrives at dinner to find their friend, Daniel, has decided to join them in their weekly adventures, she’s nervous but excited at what the evening has in store for her.

James and Donnie come from two different worlds. They’ve been rivals since their first day at college and when it finally comes down to a violent altercation the school decides it’s time to step in. When they are forced to share a dorm room in an attempt to get them to co-exist, the men find that maybe their animosity doesn’t have so much to do with their differences, but with their common interests in each other.

Bill and Tommy have been best friends for years and lovers for a little over a month. Spending every night together under the stars in Bill's pickup truck has gotten them through some tough times, but it's not enough anymore. Both men know that the time has come to leave their small town existence and build a better life together somewhere more accepting. They decide that they'd better make their last night in their hometown memorable so they have something good to look back on after they go.

When Bethany signs up for an online dating service she isn't really expecting to find anyone worthwhile. But when Keith Sinclair contacts her and make a great first impression, she finds that she may be more willing than she thought to have her life shaken up a bit.

The concept of Armageddon has been thrown at international arms dealer, Drake Brokk, his entire life. But he never expected to find himself in the middle of it.

When Elijah Abrams, a fallen angel disguised as an FBI agent, tells him the ultimate battle is threatening to explode Drake has a hard time accepting it. He certainly can't believe it's up to him to stop it. Armed with only an ancient sword, a kleptomaniac elf and his wits, Drake seriously doubts his ability to win the battle between good and evil. And he knows for sure there is no weapon forged that could keep him from falling for the fallen angel.

Trevor Morrison and General Jasper Collins have been sneaking around, enjoying illicit rendezvous for months. Neither of them expected a relationship to blossom between them, but now that their feelings have grown deeper, they must decide whether they should continue their clandestine affair.

Sara has always been a wanderer, traveling the world in search of her next big adventure. When she ends up on a tropical island she’s afraid of being trapped forever. Even more, she meets two men who both want her in their bed—the same bed— and she couldn’t be more confused. While her body screams yes, she’s just not sure she wants to tie herself to any relationship, let alone a ménage.

Gabe and Toby know as soon as they find Sara washed up on the shore of Wyspa that she’s the answer to their dreams, the woman they both want as the third in their relationship. They know she’s their one. They must overcome her doubts and convince her that not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, finding a home is the biggest adventure of all.

After a boating accident, Sean Harris wakes up staring into the eyes of a handsome doctor. Even when he discovers that he is on an island within the Bermuda Triangle, and there is no way for him to get back to his old life, he can't be too disappointed if it means being stuck with the doctor.

Dr. Wesley Carpenter cannot believe that the younger Sean Harris would want anything to do with him. After half-heartedly turning down the advances of his patient, he realizes that resistance is futile.

The men find themselves falling for each other quickly, but ghosts from their pasts and outside influences try to get in the way of their happiness. Sean and Wesley may be on the island forever, but neither is sure if that guarantees they'll be able to continue their Tropical Hedonism.

When mortal Bounty Hunter, Mitch Baine, decides to spend one night breaking all the rules with a sexy masked vampire, he has no idea that the stranger is Jarrod Axlerod, lead singer of the famous band Heartstrings, or that he will be contracted to kill Jarrod the very next day. Mitch has been trained to believe that the only good vampire is a dead on—a lesson cemented into his brain after years of killing them on contract for the US Army.

But his feelings toward the creatures begin to change after spending an incredible night at the masked ball. When he receives his newest contract, he is horrified to see that the vampire he has been hired to kill is none other than Jarrod Axlerod, the sexy vampire he has just broken every one of his personal rules with.

Little Red Riding Hood has nothing on Rhys. On his way to his grandmother’s house, Rhys’ car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately for him, there is a big, bad rescuer watching and waiting to sweep him off his feet.

A cougar, a bartender, a vet and a college student get stuck in a bar...

What starts out sounding like a bad joke turns into a nightmare when Jo Champlain finds herself quarantined in a bar with three sexy strangers just days before her sixth full moon as a were-cougar.

On the run from the man who infected her, she never imagined she would end up stuck in the small town of Jericho Falls with nothing to fill her time except being seduced by three younger men. She tries to keep the truth about how she ended up there from the men but with the full moon upon them Jo soon realizes that she isn't the only one who's been keeping secrets.

Derek Sikes has always had a nice, boring life complete with a normal office job and weekly dinner at his parent's house. His brother was always the crazy, unreliable, wild child in the family. So Derek isn't really surprised when his brother ends up engaged to a Las Vegas show girl and begs him to come be the best man at the wedding.

Derek's plan of flying to Nevada, watching his brother make a huge mistake, and making it back to work by Monday gets sidetracked when he meets a handsome pit boss named Joel his first night in town. Falling harder and faster than he ever has before, Derek can't help but wonder what's going to happen when he has to go home to his simple life in Nebraska. Because unfortunately, what happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas.

Can Jamie and Ethan overcome their hatred for each other before the vampire marriage they are cursed into kills them both?

Jamie McHale has always hated vampire prince Ethan Connor, and Ethan loathes him right back. One dark and stormy night the two men tangle in a violent altercation that leaves them somehow bound together in vampire marriage.

It becomes very clear that the magic of the marriage bond will get what it wants for them, regardless of the men's feelings toward the situation. The curse wants them together, and as they spend time with each other they start to wonder if this really was a curse at all.

Annabelle has been dating Mike, Kyle and Josh at the same time for quite a while. She believes they are all happy with the arrangement until one night they drop an ultimatum on her. They inform her that she will have to pick one of them or they will decide for her. Torn by her love for all of them, she figures that she would rather be alone and heartbroken than to have to choose between them. But when the time comes to share that decision with the men, she finds out they’ve had a different plan in mind the whole time. One that will ultimately satisfy all of them.

Britain is experiencing the worst heatwave anyone can remember. The strain of all the air conditioners whirring constantly is too much for the overloaded circuits to take and a village wide blackout ensues.

With no power and no mortals roaming the streets to entertain them, three vampire friends decide they should play a game guaranteed to heat things up even more amongst themselves.

Lana Healy agrees to a blind date with Conner after the nagging from a mutual friend reaches a fever pitch. She knows that Conner is an artist, but what she was not aware of is that he's also a vampire. She's uneasy about dinner, worrying that perhaps he expects her to be the main course. But once she gets to know him, this soon becomes more of a wish than a fear, and she can only hope he feels the same way.