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For the record, Zak Dempsey started it.


The hockey golden boy just can’t stop chirping, even off the ice. But I’m not a rival player he can trash-talk and get away with it. I’m an internationally famous rock star, and I refuse to believe that he didn’t know that when he picked this fight.


I hadn’t intended to continue the feud, until I recognized it for the foreplay it actually turned out to be. And I have to admit that I’d take two minutes in the box for roughing this enforcer any time he wants to play.


Spite Crush is a spicy, funny, MM romance featuring a mouthy hockey phenom and a neurodivergent rock star figuring out how to ride the line between spite and desire. If you’re looking for something to shake up your TBR, do yourself a favor and buy Spite Crush today.


I don’t even know which side of the law I’m on anymore.

I’ve been deep undercover in the GSD Cartel for years. At this point, I’m not even sure if Detroit PD knows I’m still alive. The only contact I have in law enforcement is my FBI handler, Griffin James. But he’s not very helpful with the details and spends more time handling me than actually helping.

So I spend all of my time surrounded by criminals. They’ve become my friends. My family. And you do whatever it takes to protect your family.

Even if it means breaking the law to keep them, and yourself, safe.

Matt is book one in the new Vice Series from best selling author Dakota Rebel. If you like your spice on the dangerous side, you’re going to love Matt. Get your copy today.

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