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New from Dakota Rebel


Being a member of a ghost op team means never getting to grow close to anyone outside of the unit. And I was fine with that lifestyle…until I met Troy Dunkirk.

Dating the quarterback for a professional football team might not be the smartest move I’ve ever made. It’s difficult to stay anonymous when your boyfriend shines so brightly in the public eye. And it’s even harder to lie to him about who you really are and what you really do.

When I’m called to action after a series of terrorist attacks, Troy becomes suspicious about my actual job, and I have to weigh the love of my country against the love of my life.

The decision really shouldn’t be this difficult, and yet…

Zane Cover.jpg

I serve at the pleasure of the President…and at his complete annoyance.

When the secret service identifies a credible threat against the life of President Spencer Thomas, they have to call in outside help for protection, because they believe the threat is coming from inside the West Wing.

Neither President Thomas nor I are thrilled with the situation, but I joined my black ops squad to protect and serve my country, and my president, against all threats, foreign and domestic. So I’ll be right here, as close to him as possible, until that threat is neutralized.

But the more time we spend together, the more I start to wonder…how close is too close?

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