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I believe that love is love, so I write romance that speaks to many versions of that. Under the "Books" heading, you'll find a toolbar with links to my various works. For convenience, I've separated them into categories so you can pick your flavor of the month, day or minute at will.

I also strive to help women live their best lives. I give advice, both requested and completely unsolicited, on positivity, health, sex, creativity, learning, reaching, growing and occasionally screaming in your car in the driveway. 

Please note, my language is salty, my wisdom is hard won, and I have absolutely no paperwork certifying me to tell you what to do. I'm just a mom, a wife, a CEO, a long distance runner and a very, very tired human who believes we can do it all...but we need to give ourselves some fucking grace.

Thank you for hanging out with me. I hope we help each other move forward and build each other up every day.

I love you.


I'm proud of you.


Go drink your water.

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