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Forgive me Father…

I’ve never been much for church or religion or faith of any kind really. So I never expected to become friends with a priest.

And I certainly didn’t expect to fall for one.

I spent most of my life pretending that I was a good son, a good brother, a good man, in an attempt to earn my parents’ approval. And now I’m just tired of pretending.

Because the closer Father Luke Stone and I get to one another, the harder it becomes to deny the attraction between us. I’m not sure if he’s fighting it, too, or if he honestly doesn’t feel it.

He says he wants to save my soul. But I can’t help wondering…

Am I even worth saving?

A week away at a beach rental with my best girlfriends was just what I needed. It was supposed to be nothing but sun, surf and sangria for days.

What I did not need was the funny, smart, handsome, young…very, very, young, man and his friends who were renting the house next door.

One neighborly drink turned into two, turned into walks on the beach and now I don’t know what’s happening, but I know I’m scared to death.

Can one week at the beach really turn into happily ever after?