New from Dakota Rebel

Step Monster.jpg

The last five years have been a little rough. My dad died, I got attacked by a crazy werepanther and we moved to a town full of monsters.


My mom has been a total rock for me through all of it, and I was happy for her when she found a new guy to help her navigate this supernatural world we’ve found ourselves in.


He’s a sweet man and he takes great care of my mom…But his son, Trevor, is an absolute beast.


My new stepbrother and I fight like cats and dogs…so why can’t I stop thinking about his stupid, handsome face?

The Valet.jpg

It’s easy to keep your master’s secret when that secret is you.

My services as valet have been highly desired among a certain set of distinguished British aristocrats over the years. In addition to my experience in handling the day to day running of a lord’s personal duties, there is one specific offering in my arsenal that most valets are unwilling, or unable, to perform.

I’ve been cared for, praised and possibly even loved on occasion. But it always ends, as it must, and I am happy to move on to my next great adventure. The men I serve have duties to fulfill that I don’t factor into, after all.

Now for the first time I find myself in the employ of a man who not only doesn’t desire my special set of skills but is wholly unaware that the skills are available to him. But how I wish he did. Because all I want is to be taken by this man.

Is it possible that I’ve finally found my forever home with a man who doesn’t want me in the way that I need to be wanted?

Mummy Dearest Rev.jpg

As a little girl, I dreamed of being an archeologist. My hope was to one day discover my very own dinosaur. And today I am an archeologist, but my work has to do with very different kinds of monsters.

Now I’ve been called to the middle of Lake Huron to investigate the ruins of a temple found deep on an island reserved for supernatural creatures. The tomb inside holds the body of a mummy long since gone.

Or so I thought.

Every day I spend on the island, in that temple, the more I feel as if the being inside is not so much gone as trying desperately to return…to me.

Maybe all this time around monsters has finally made me lose my mind. Or maybe I haven’t so much lost anything as found the only thing that ever really mattered.