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New from Dakota Rebel

Zane Cover.jpg

I serve at the pleasure of the President…and at his complete annoyance.

When the secret service identifies a credible threat against the life of President Spencer Thomas, they have to call in outside help for protection, because they believe the threat is coming from inside the West Wing.

Neither President Thomas nor I are thrilled with the situation, but I joined my black ops squad to protect and serve my country, and my president, against all threats, foreign and domestic. So I’ll be right here, as close to him as possible, until that threat is neutralized.

But the more time we spend together, the more I start to wonder…how close is too close?

Stalker cover.jpg

My sister always gets everything…but not this time.

I’ve been in love with Kade Bower since the first moment I saw him. Tall, dark, handsome and dangerous, this man makes every part of my body flutter with anticipation.

Too bad he only has eyes for my big sister.

Everywhere we go, there he is. Watching her while I watch him. Probably imagining the same passionate scenarios I am, just with a different woman featuring in each of our minds.

Am I just setting myself up for heartbreak, or can I really find a way to seduce my sister’s stalker and get him for myself?

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