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Stalker cover.jpg

My sister always gets everything…but not this time.

I’ve been in love with Kade Bower since the first moment I saw him. Tall, dark, handsome and dangerous, this man makes every part of my body flutter with anticipation.

Too bad he only has eyes for my big sister.

Everywhere we go, there he is. Watching her while I watch him. Probably imagining the same passionate scenarios I am, just with a different woman featuring in each of our minds.

Am I just setting myself up for heartbreak, or can I really find a way to seduce my sister’s stalker and get him for myself?

Stepbrother's Boyfriend.jpg

My heart is so twisted up in knots I’m afraid that soon it will just stop beating all together.

I’ve been in love with my stepbrother since the moment I met him. The kind of soul deep love that makes you think that eventually you can overcome any obstacle to be together.

Unfortunately, I think I was fooling myself. Because Nate just came home with the most delicious guy I’ve ever seen. And the two of them together are perfection.

Now I’m struggling with the fact that I’m attracted to both of them, but I’m not sure that either of them will ever see me as anything other than Nate’s little stepsister.

Except…they’re both showering me with more attention than I know what to do with.

Is it possible that I could have my cake and eat it too?