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Male/Female Romance

Convincing the Wolf

Betsy Evans graduated college with dreams of a corporate job during the day and boxed wine at night. A simple girl with even simpler plans for her life. But after being attacked in the parking lot of a bar, her whole world is turned upside down. Much to her dismay, she discovers that she is actually an Aries, a supernatural power-up for werewolves. And the attack was not to be the last as wolves begin to track her down, wanting to make her theirs.

In an effort to find a suitable mate, her best friend’s brother Nixon accompanies her on a cross-country road trip to find a pack with wolves worthy of her powers, and maybe even her love. But it becomes clear to Betsy that she needn’t look any further than the wolf sitting next to her in the truck. The hard part will be convincing Nixon that he’s the wolf for her, before someone else lays claim to her first. 

Mr Wright - tiny.jpg

I've been head over heels in love with an unattainable Hollywood icon my whole life.

So, imagine my surprise when I end up on stage kissing Mr. Wright in front of a thousand people. 

Believe me when I tell you, that shock was nothing compared to hearing this sexy widower tell me he wants to see me again.

Too bad his kids hate me and he lives 3000 miles away from me, my career and my life in Detroit.

Now we're battling travel, family and distance, not to mention several different kinds of baggage.

I don't doubt him when he tells me he's falling for me. 

But how can I believe him when he tells me I'm worth the trouble?

Ainsley Tennant has a secret. By day, she is the quintessential girl next door, a mild-mannered, small-town librarian with a 401k and no social life. But when the sun sets, she turns into a preternatural magnet. Every ghost, vampire and demon in a fifty-mile radius is drawn to her. Since she was a child, all she has ever wanted was to find someplace safe, far away from murder and mayhem so that these lost souls would no longer be drawn to her.

She believes she has finally found such a place in Logan, Ohio and has planted her roots firmly in the small, happy town. Still, not one to tempt fate, she does her best to be safely ensconced in her home before night fully takes hold of her peaceful village.

Unfortunately, her house may not be the safe haven she believed it. On Halloween, she finds herself walking the two blocks from work to her house well after midnight and realizes she is no longer alone on her journey. Turning to confront her pursuer, she comes face to face with one of the sexiest vampires she has ever encountered. Though her head tells her to run, her body begs to find out if anything good ever goes bump in the night.

Grave Encounters3.jpg

The last thing Anya Williams expected to find when chasing a ghoul through a graveyard was someone to help her chop up the body and set it on fire. But that’s what she got when Erik Pederson stood up from an open grave as she ran by.

Watching the flames reflected in his bright blue eyes, Anya feels a stir she hasn’t experienced a while. A loner by necessity, she is used to the single life and hasn't so much as looked for a date in years. Even though she feels that there is something off about him, she can’t help wanting to see him again.

Having wandered the earth for centuries, Erik has grown used to the pain of existing alone. He accepted his fate, and stopped hoping for more long ago. Staring over at Anya, Erik can't help the flicker of hope that she might be the one to bring him peace, either through love or through death.

Santa Cruz.jpg

Get ready to One-Click my life

In typical cliche' fashion...I'm in love with my boss.

He's gorgeous, he's smart and he's a billionaire.

Me? I'm a secretary.

So never the twain shall meet and all that.

Or so I thought.

Christmas Boyfriend.jpg

I’m a dirty, dirty liar.

I should be above this nonsense. I’m a chemical engineer for God’s sake, way too smart to behave this way. But my mom’s incessant need to marry me off has finally pushed me over the edge. 

I’m not sure what the sexy baseball player’s excuse is.

Now we’re pretending to be a happy couple for Christmas, even though we’re perfect strangers. How did I get myself into this mess? How will we keep up this charade?

Why the hell hadn’t I considered the sleeping arrangements?

Her Secret Billionaire

Diane is a professional party planner for a high end fashion magazine. Her life so far has been a series of dating mistakes. But when a mysterious stranger calls her and convinces her spend hours on the phone engaged in illicit conversations with him, she thinks she may have found what her love life has been lacking: Adventure and fun.

The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise


I see. I want. I take. That’s my mantra, but it’s always been applied to business deals. Never in my life have I thought about using it in regard to a woman. At least, not until I met her. Emerson Blake. The woman of my dreams, who I spied across a crowded bar. I spent ten minutes with her, yet I immediately knew I’d spend the rest of my life loving her. She lives on the other side of the country, way too far from my bed and my life in Las Vegas, but I’ve overcome worse obstacles. 

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get the Christmas surprise of a lifetime.


Three months ago, we had ten perfect minutes together. That’s all it took for him to impact my life. Everything shifted, and I didn’t even realize it. But my thoughts returned to him over and over. I obsessed over a guy who I barely met and will never see again, longed for him. So the cruise I unexpectedly won seems like a good way to get my head on straight again. 

Then in walks Mr. Obsession, and my plans for fun and sun and forgetting him go out the porthole. All I can imagine is spending hours in his arms.

This time, we don’t have ten minutes. We have seven days. Will it be enough to last a lifetime?

Yeah. I doubt it, too.