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Male/Male Romance


When Bounty Hunter, Mitch Baine, decides to spend one night breaking all the rules with a sexy, masked vampire, he has no idea that the stranger is Jarrod Axlerod, lead singer of the band Heartstrings. He just knows that for one night, he wants to forget the world and just have fun.

And Jarrod definitely shows him a good time. In fact, Mitch can’t stop thinking about the blond bombshell.

Unfortunately, neither can the Army, which has contracted Mitch to kill his new lover, charging Jarrod with a slew of vicious murders.

Now the clock is ticking to see if Mitch can find the real killer to prove Jarrod’s innocence, or if he’s about to lose everything he never knew he always wanted.


To be or not to be? That is the question in this tale of love, loss and vampires.

The Castle Elsinore, home to the royal family of Denmark, has played host to myriad secrets over many years. Recently, it has been the scene of the suspicious death of King Hamlet, the hasty remarriage of the Queen to Old Hamlet's brother and the late night meetings of young Prince Hamlet and his lover Felix.

Two broken boys, Hamlet and Felix have found comfort in their friendship since childhood. As they entered adulthood, their friendship grew into deeper feelings. Hamlet leans on his mate for support after the loss of his father and Felix takes strength from Hamlet as he endures the abuse of his own parent.

But something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark.

The return of his father leaves Hamlet frightened and confused, not sure if the old King is a ghost or is truly one of the undead. Just when Hamlet thinks his life cannot become any more difficult, a life-shattering tragedy sends him into a downward spiral of confusion and despair. As his visions become sharper and more frequent, Hamlet can only wonder if what he sees is real or if he’s truly lost his mind.

Does enemies to lovers ever actually work out?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated Ethan Connor. And to be fair, he loathes me right back. We do our best to avoid each other at all costs, except when we feel the overwhelming need to fight.

Which is exactly what happened one clichéd dark and stormy night. Fists flying, thunder crashing, and lightening flashing was apparently the magic combination to set off a bonding curse someone had set on us.

Now we’re stuck in closer proximity than either of us have ever wanted. The fighting is getting worse, but the bond is eager for that energy to change to something a lot hotter and a lot more dangerous.

I don’t want to be anywhere near Ethan, and I don’t want to sleep with him, and I certainly don’t want to be married to him for the rest of eternity…do I?

It shouldn’t be possible to love and loathe a person to the degree with which they both exist in my heart for Jamie McHale. And yet…here we are.

I’m glad he’s taken over as King of Chicago, I really am. But I’m getting real tired of spending every night alone in a strange city, while he plays Game of Thrones or whatever. And when we are together, we’re fighting worse than ever.

Now that my dad has asked me to come back to Royal Oak to help with our old clan, I can’t say I’m not excited to take a break from my douche fiancée. Jamie acts like he’s upset about it, but I think he’s secretly relieved as well.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, let’s see if it also makes the boy king grow the f*@k up.

The concept of Armageddon has been thrown at international arms dealer, Drake Brokk, his entire life. But he never expected to find himself in the middle of it.

When Elijah Abrams, a fallen angel disguised as an FBI agent, tells him the ultimate battle is threatening to explode Drake has a hard time accepting it. He certainly can't believe it's up to him to stop it.

Armed with only an ancient sword, a kleptomaniac elf and his wits, Drake seriously doubts his ability to win the battle between good and evil. And he knows for sure there is no weapon forged that could keep him from falling for the fallen angel.

The Pit Boss

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except when it follows you back to Omaha.

When my little brother decided to marry a woman he’d known for two days, I wasn’t exactly surprised. He’s a wild card. I’m more the stable, reserved one.

Or I was, until I met Joel, the sexy as hell Pit Boss who was about to turn my life upside down and inside out. This man was about to make me believe love really could strike hard and fast and all night long. 

Did I say love?


Jim Collins had spent all of his high school years pining for the star quarterback Brock Newhouse. Even after graduation his thoughts often gravitated to the sexy football star and he couldn’t help thinking about what could have been, but never would have happened.

When he receives an invitation to his high school reunion, and sees that Brock will be attending, he decides he has to see the man one more time. But the night doesn’t go exactly as he imagined when it is discovered that Jim wasn’t the only man with fantasies during those four years, and he wasn’t the only one who continued to wonder what if… 

Wolf in Men's Clothing

Little Red Riding Hood has nothing on Rhys. 

On his way to his grandmother’s house, Rhys’ car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. 

Fortunately for him, there is a big, bad rescuer watching and waiting to sweep him off his feet.

Pickup and Leave

Bill and Tommy have been best friends for years and lovers for a little over a month. Spending every night together under the stars in Bill's pickup truck has gotten them through some tough times, but it's not enough anymore. 

Both men know that the time has come to leave their small town existence and build a better life together somewhere more accepting. They decide that they'd better make their last night in their hometown memorable so they have something good to look back on after they go.

Beach Boys.jpg

Alex Vaughn, international rock star and heartthrob hit rock bottom and is trying to climb his way out again on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. On a trip to find himself, he never expected to find a sexy bartender who made his head spin.

Noah came to Molokai with a suitcase and a dream. He’s level headed, sweet and calm…all the things Alex isn’t.

Their friendship blossoms fast and fierce and Alex starts to think he might be falling for the beach boy next door.

Too bad Noah is straight…isn’t he?