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Fun fact, they’re still running witches out Salem, even in the twenty-first century. So, after being chased from their home by people with actual pitchforks, the LaFey triplets have settled down in a small town in northern Michigan.

Unfortunately, the saying is true. There’s no rest for the wicked…witches.

Mindi –

All I wanted was a normal life. And I thought we’d finally found that here. I got a job at the local elementary school and was just about settled when a new principal came in, looking to shake things up.

I’m shook alright. There’s something going on with this guy that I just can’t put my talon on. His wolfish grin, devilish good looks and snake like charm are all adding up to no good.

Booker –

They say trouble always comes in threes, and from where I’m sitting, the LaFey Triplets are nothing but, with a capital T. Especially the school’s kindergarten teacher, Mindi.

I’d thought I was escaping my curse by running away to this scenic town in the middle of nowhere. But now I can’t shake the feeling that something wicked this way comes.
Candi –

Turns out, there are three absolute certainties in life. Death. Taxes. And Lincoln Gage’s complete inability to fix my car.

Granted, I sort of like visiting the shop so I can ogle him while I lay into his lack of skill at his chosen trade. But if he would just keep the car running, maybe I’d start visiting for social reasons instead.

Lincoln –

I’ve never been what you’d consider shy. But for some reason, Candi LaFey scares the hell out of me. Being what I am, fearing anything is new territory for me…but I kind of like it.

I’m risking my reputation in this town by continuing to sabotage her car, but if it keeps bringing her into my shop, I’ll risk a hell of a lot more.
Trudi –

Am I happy that my “little” sisters have found their mates in this tiny little town full of normals? Yes. Am I bitter than I’m technically the oldest and destined to die a spinster? Also, yes.

I know that I should give up on this not so secret crush I have on the mayor. Nothing about Colton Steele is right for me. But I don’t think you get to pick who you fall in love with. And I fell for him the first time I ever saw his stupid face.

Part of me wants to believe he likes me, too. And even though I know that I can’t have a relationship with a nice, normal guy, I could almost make myself believe I can make it work. If he’d just give me a chance.

Colton -

The minute the LaFey triplets arrived in town, I knew that Trudi was mine.

The first time she flipped her hair and narrowed her gaze at me, challenging my authority in my own town, I was a goner. I knew that they were witches, being the mayor of a town like this has its perks after all. But I wasn’t ready to expose my true nature to her just yet.

But I’m running out of time to continue playing this cat and mouse game with her. I need to step up and claim what’s mine before the Halloween festival, or I may end up losing her forever.