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Multiple Partner Romance


Reagan Baine is a soldier, hunting monsters for a secret-ops military outfit. Her first kill was her boyfriend. At the tender age of 18, she slayed the half-breed serial killer who had been her everything…until he wasn’t. 

Her current contract to take out a vicious arms dealer draws her back to Detroit, where she’ll have to face her past, but this time she won’t be alone.

Though she’s worked for years to distance herself from any sort of relationship, she finds herself drawn to the two men escorting her back home. Even once she realizes that they aren’t what they’d seemed.

Now, she’s in the fight of her life to kill a monster…and keep herself from falling for two more.


A cougar, a bartender, a vet and a college student get stuck in a bar...

What starts out sounding like a bad joke turns into a nightmare when I find myself quarantined in a bar with three sexy strangers just days before my sixth full moon as a were-cougar.

On the run from the psycho that infected me, I never thought I’d end up stuck in Podunk, getting my world rocked by three younger guys. 

We’re certainly making the best of our situation…until I find out I’m not the only one keeping secrets.

Ultimate Ultimatum

Have I been dating three guys at the same time? Well...yeah.

In my defense, they all know about it. It's not like I've been cheating, I was honest with them from the beginning. I really do love each of them, and I never wanted to have to choose one over the others.

But now, they've banded together and decided that if I don't make a decision, they'll make one for me. It's impossible! How the hell am I supposed to choose just one? Maybe I need to cut them all loose.

Or, maybe there's a way to keep all three of them. Not separately as I've been doing, but together in a way I never imagined.

Sassy's Studs - A Vegas Bound Book

Have you ever been tied down on the hood of a car in the desert by two guys?

Well, don’t knock it till you try.

Moving back in with my parents had never been at the top of my to-do list. However, when the economy tanked and I lost my job, there weren’t a whole lot of options left open to me.

I was so grateful to run into two of my college crushes. And I’ll tell them just how grateful I am…as soon as they take this gag out of my mouth. 

Pants on Fire - A Vegas Bound Book

My brother’s best friends were older, handsome, and strictly off limits.

What further encouragement did a school girl need?

When they skipped town, I was beyond devastated. But, life must go on. Even if that life is lonely and devoid of hot guys. 

Now they’re back and awakening dark, submissive feelings in me that my little high school brain could never have imagined, but my adult body can’t get enough of.

The Bosses' Charity - A Vegas Bound Book

My typical day in the office was about to become anything but.

Honestly, I don’t know why I agreed to wear that stupid sex toy to work. Sure, Burt is my Dom, not to mention my actual boss, but I still have rights in both relationships. He’s just so damn persuasive, I really couldn’t make myself turn him down.

Little did I know that this wouldn’t be his only difficult request of me that day.

Finding myself stuck between my Dom and his former lover, literally, wasn’t something I’d been expecting. But it was hard to deny I wasn’t turned way the f*ck on by these alpha males.

They may both end up my masters, but I’ll make sure neither of them forgets who’s actually in charge around here.