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5 Things you never knew about Cole Grayson

The Touch of Gray series is by far the most popular of anything I've written. And I get it. These boys are CRAZY. There's totally romance, but there are monsters and family dynamics, not to mention all the whiskey...ALL the whiskey. (My God Cole, your poor liver.)

Authors tend to know way more about their characters than ever actually gets shared in the books. Just little details that color in the world for us, but may not play a role in the actual story once it hits the page. Today, I thought it would be fun to share a few little facts about Cole that never made it into any of the books.

1. Cole LOVES Black Licorice. I know, it's disgusting. And honestly, I don't know when or why I decided this about him, but from the very first book I've known. He always picks out all of the black jelly beans at Easter. I think maybe, subconsciously, I figure his taste buds are dead from all the drinking and he needs strong flavors.

2. He has a special playlist on his phone just for Sebastian. He made it one night when he couldn't sleep and filled it with songs that Bast loves, even ones Cole doesn't. When they're on long road trips, he'll play the songs to keep Sebastian happy, and Bast doesn't even realize it's stuff Cole isn't necessarily into.

3. He's always wanted a dog. His lifestyle doesn't allow for him to keep something that needs constant attention and care, since he's gone so often. Not to mention the constant fluctuating amount of damage and violence going on in the apartment. It's just not feasible. But in the back of his head, he believes that one day they will have a real house with a yard and get a puppy.

4. He can throw a perfect spiral football. When he was little, he played pee-wee football and honestly believed he was going to be an NFL Quarterback, preferably for the Dallas Cowboys. Then his parents died, he learned to hunt and never even thought about continuing to try. But he'll still throw a ball around sometimes, and hasn't lost his arm.

5. He has a photo in his wallet of Sebastian and Bryce sitting on the couch together, each reading a book. He took it when they weren't paying attention and printed it out so he could carry it around with him. It was after a pretty nasty fight with a monster, and the moment of normality hit Cole right in the gut. All he wants in the world is for the men that he loves to be safe. So he carries it around to remind himself what he's constantly fighting for. Neither of them know he has it, and probably wouldn't understand the significance if they saw it.

So there are 5 random things about Cole that never got shared in the books. He's actually quite the softy, though you may get your teeth knocked in if you say that to him. He loves those boys more than anything in the world and will continue to set the world on fire to keep them safe.

I'd love to know what your favorite Cole fact or moment is. If you've read the books, pop a comment below and let me know what you love most about this gruff, drunk, monster hunter.



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