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Actions (and distractions) have consequences

So, my bestie is in Social Media silence today because she failed to hit her word count.

Since I fail to hit my word count every single day of the year, I am stepping up to sing her praises, because she is unable to tell you how wonderful she is.

Not that she would ever word it that way.

Brynn Paulin is 100% my accountability partner. She holds me to deadlines, fires me up when I need it, and, maybe more importantly, talks me down when I need it, too.

Because she is such a fierce warrior, she joined an accountability group that offers actual consequences for not meeting your goals. And they are doozies! Hence her silence on Facebook, MeWe and Twitter today.

I am taking up her mantle because she has always been there for me, and I want to be there for her as much as I can. PLUS, she is an amazing author who has a catalog of work that cannot be rivaled by any other romance author on the planet. No, I'm not just saying that because she is my very best friend. I say it because she has taught me more about being an author than I can ever say. I look up to her, I devour her books, and I am honored to call her friend.

Today, I'm going to talk about one of her Christmas books, Stocking Full of Cole, because it's Christmas in July here on the blog, and because it's just a damn good book.

She was his first love and his first broken heart. Now, she’s home for the holidays and chances are good she’ll break him again.

Once upon a time, Cole promised he’d marry Tamah, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Of course, he was six and crushing on his babysitter. Then she broke his young heart and moved away.

Sometimes, you just know, and it doesn’t matter your age.

Becoming an adult matured Cole’s desire and strengthened his resolve, but his heart hasn’t changed. Tamah is still the one, and this time around, he’s old enough to get the girl and keep her. It’s time to claim his woman and get her where she belongs—in his arms. Forever.

Tamah might be a good girl, but this year,

she’s getting Cole in her stocking.

Look, I know that you come here because I write M/M Romance. And that's your thing. I get it. And I appreciate it so, so much. It's my first love as well. But I do tend to find that romance readers are BIG readers. And sometimes, we need some variety. So if you're going to check out a M/F romance during this Christmas in July extravaganza, you should get this one. Because you will not be disappointed.

So, today, let's commiserate with Brynn. Give her love, show her your support. And tomorrow, when she's back with a vengeance, we'll give her more love. Because honestly, she's the pretty much the best friend on the planet.



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