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Boss Crushes

Have you ever had a crush on your boss? Ever daydream about being swept off your feet, or pulled out of your rolly-chair into the strong arms of a man? Ever think about reaching across his desk, grabbing his tie and pulling his mouth to yours?

Is it hot in here? What was I saying?

Oh, right. Having a crush on a boss.

Below is a little teaser from my favorite boss/secretary book. This was super fun to write and the characters are so funny that I can't help thinking we may see them feature in future books as well. Sometimes I have a hard time letting go.

Santa Cruz

“You’re right,” he said. “I’m sorry. You know how I am. I start talking before my brain catches up. Forgive me?”

“Always,” I answered, turning to meet his bright, blue gaze. “Now, go get some work done. I need to finish this up and get downstairs. I’ll be gone for about two hours, but call my cell if you need anything.”

“Sure thing.” He went back into his office and shut the door.

I rubbed my shoulder where he’d gripped it and sighed again. When I’d taken the job as the executive assistant to the owner of Worthington Financial Services five years ago, I really hadn’t realized what I was getting into. The thirty-year-old Wall Street phenom was nothing like I’d expected.

For one thing, he was insanely attractive. Not to mention ridiculously smart and wickedly funny. We’d hit it off immediately, forming a professional but pleasant working relationship. I couldn’t pinpoint when my admiration of him had turned to an innocent crush, or when that crush had developed into insatiable lust tinged with a little bit of head over heels, but this was the corner I found myself in now.

Every time he touched me, or flirted with me, or asked me to get him coffee, my heart stuttered and my panties got damp. It was driving me mental, and if I couldn’t get a grip on myself soon I’d have to quit.

Not only was it completely inappropriate, but it was also one hundred percent not reciprocated. I was his assistant and sometimes, his personal shopper, maid, chauffeur and event planner. Definitely not girlfriend material. Any flirting he directed my way was completely harmless, the same way he flirted with everyone in the office, male and female. It was just his nature.

He was a billionaire, and I was a secretary, and never the twain shall meet.

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