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Difficult Decisions

As an author, all I want is the ability to connect with my readers. I write these books for me, yes, but ultimately what good are they if they aren't being enjoyed by others?

They say no one wants to know how the sausage is made. And that's true. But you can't be a voracious reader, the way most of you in the romance loving community are, and not pick up things about the way the publishing world works. We are a family, we the tired authors and you the beautiful readers. So most of what I say will not shock anyone. Nor, I think, will it irritate you in any way.

Amazon is a behemoth.


I said it.

They own the publishing world at the moment and there isn't a lot anyone can do to change the tide right now.

I'm painfully aware that not all of you purchase your books from Amazon. Many, many people have iPads and twelve of you have a Nook reader, so the decision I've made pains me to no end. But after months of agonizing, it has become clear that for my career, for my family, and for the greater good I guess, I have to stop trying to please all of the people all of the time.

By July 1st, all of my books will be exclusively available on Amazon and I will be moving them into Kindle Unlimited. Yes, I'm selling my soul for the almighty dollar.

And it's killing me.

My dream, since I was a tiny, precocious, foul-mouthed, five year old girl, was to be an author. But I don't just want to write books. I want to do this as a career. And unfortunately, I can only do that if people buy my books. And at the moment, most of them are doing this on Amazon.

I hope you can all appreciate that this was not an easy decision for me. The thought that there will be people out there wanting to read my books that can't, just makes me sick. But this is the only option I feel I have available to me right now.

There are silver linings ahead. I will be doing many things to try to keep everyone happy. As a people-pleaser, this is very important to me. Please stay tuned, I'm not abandoning anyone.

And, if it helps, people are always giving away Kindles. You could sign up for the one on Just Kindle Books and just maybe you'll get one for yourself and still be able to enjoy Cole and Sebastian.

I hope you'll all continue to hang out with me and can all appreciate the tenuous position I've found myself in. I really, really do love all of you. You make my heart sing daily and I just hope this hasn't let you down.



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