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Ethan and Jamie are my Love Language

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Ten years ago, I fell in love with two boys.

Two princes, both stubborn, both violent, both vampires. I loved them, but they hated each other. Like, with the passion of 10,000 fiery suns kind of hate. Which made me love them more.

Maybe fighting is my love language...

People always ask where an author gets their ideas. And we always have the same, lame answer. It just comes to us. Because guys…it DOES just come to us. There isn’t any magic formula that makes these ideas show up. It’s just how our brains are wired.

Thank goodness.

So, I’m just sitting there, minding my own business, when BAM, like a lightening bolt from the heavens, the idea for this enemies to lovers story hit me. And I knew it was going to be big.

And friends, it was. It was the first book I’d written that really connect with people. Hundreds of people bought this book, and hundreds of thousands illegally downloaded from torrent sites. Because, this is the way of an ebook author.

Today, after a long hiatus, To Hate and To Hold is coming back into the world. It’s been completely re-edited. The writing tightened up, the plot holes of a beginner writer filled in with the skill of a not-so-beginner writer’s knowledge.

If you never got a chance to read this book, I humbly ask you to buy a copy now. It’s the book that gave me a taste of what being a writer could really be like.

Granted, if you don't like M/M romance, then this isn't your cup of tea and don't bother leaving a comment, because I didn't write it for you. But if you believe that love is love, even when it's born from hate, then check this one out.

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