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I am officially "out of pocket"

Y'all I'm on vacation!

This is a pretty big deal. I work a fairly taxing day job, and the only time I've been able to take off this year has been because I or my kids were sick. The last three days of paid time off available to me are today, tomorrow and Friday and I am ON VACATION.

Today, I'm working on my next release, Avalanche. I can't wait for you guys to read this one. It's a super sweet, safe, insta-love little nugget that I just know you're going to love.

I'm also cleaning the house and doing a mountain of laundry...which I swear I just did this weekend. But I'm doing it again so I can get everyone packed.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are sneaking away for the night, just the two of us. I can't even tell you the last time we've been anywhere without a child, so I'm just chuffed as chips.

Friday, we'll meet up with my mother-in-law and the kids at a water park for the weekend. Where I'll run myself pretty ragged going up those stairs to the massive water slide my son loves so much.

People, it's 2019, how have we not installed waterproof escalators at these parks yet? Seriously. I'm already chasing a nine year old 12 hours a day, now I have to REPEATEDLY climb eight flights of stairs for a 90 second free fall? Get with the program.

We come home Sunday and then my husband and I are going to see Ben Folds and Violent Femmes. Like, dudes, a second date in the same weekend. I can't even.

So if I'm quiet, you'll know why. I'll still be around, of course. We have the HUGE Insta-Love Facebook hop kicking off on Friday at 9am, and I really hope you'll come play along. 25 authors have gotten together to give away a ton of free stuff. Don't miss out.

Also, I'll be posting the new release round up on Saturday, in case you missed anything. And I'll be chatting and posting amazing memes, as I do.

So, have a great rest of the week, and hopefully I'll see you at the hop!

Don't forget to check out Reagan at Amazon. It's available for one-click or on KU!

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