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New Release Roundup

It was an amazing week for new releases you guys! If you're worried that you missed something, have no fear, I'm here to let you in on all the amazing books you can pick up to read over the weekend.

Let's begin with The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise.

Book One of the Malloy Brothers books written by myself and Brynn Paulin.

We teamed up for Christmas in July, and this was our cherry on top for all the holiday goodness.

The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise is a Safe, Insta-Love, Billionaire trifecta that you don't want to miss.

I absolutely love writing with my bestie, and Book Two, The Billionaire's Beautiful Runaway, will be out toward the end of August.

Next up is Curvy and The Beast, by Elisa Leigh and MK Moore is already a #1 Bestseller!

Safe, romantic, sexy and available in KU!


Like a whirlwind, he came into my life. I never thought I'd see him again. Then he became my savior... And I'll never let him forget it.


She has saved me in more ways than one. I can never let her go. She is my Angel... And I'll never let her forget it.

This a quick, steamy, over the top short story.

Christmas in Georgia by Chloe James.

Another battle is brewing between the north and south this holiday season—

When Henry Jensen inherits a hotel from an aunt he never knew existed, he views it as another investment opportunity. New York is in his blood and some small-town in Georgia couldn’t possibly change that. But he forgot to factor the magic that is Christmas into his plans.

Farrah Murphy is Willow Grove’s sweetheart. She loves her family, and enjoys the simple things in life…making others happy. Which is why, when she spots the slick stranger in a suit with sadness in his eyes, she can’t help but introduce herself.

They’ll have to decide if love is enough or if their differences will tear them apart.

His Forever by Mila Crawford and Aria Cole. Available on KU!

Mitchell Holden was Hollywood's it man. Everyone wanted a piece of him.

He was living the life and riding high on success until a late night phone call sent his world spinning.

Mitch played characters that became cult classics with ease, but the one role he wasn't ready for was playing the part of father to a kid who wasn’t even his.

Anna O'Rourke would do anything for children in need. She'd dedicated her life to helping kids in the system. Her once in a lifetime assignment isn't what she expected.

The Jane Doe baby she's been assigned to might just be related to Hollywood's leading man.

Becoming overnight parents isn't easy for anyone, not even a seasoned social worker or a man who's got the world at his fingertips.

Anna and Mitch come from two different worlds, but find common ground in the little girl they both love.


Wedding Jitters by Brynn Paulin is currently free on Amazon! Make sure you get your ass over there and download this one. You are going to fall in love!

It sucks to be a fairy with no fairytale ending…

Dara is a fairy, and she doesn’t like it. But what’s a girl to do when she’s the fifth daughter of the fifth generation? The fifth daughter is always a fairy. Dara uses magic to hide her nature while she lives as a human, but one thing is sure to blow her cover. Sex. Hot out of control sex.

On the eve of her wedding to the most boring human she could find, another man, the Prince of Fairy, arrives intent on two things: Making Dara reveal her wings and claiming her as his very own. By whatever means necessary.

Warning: This taboo fairytale is not your usual Brynn fare. If you’re looking for a nice safe, read, this is not it. If you’re looking for a super-sexy fairy who discovers her naughty side, well…you’ve been warned.

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