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Small Wins Are Everything!

Yesterday, while putting kitchen towels away, I opened the drawer they go in and for the tenth time in ten weeks, shoved a receipt from 2018 into the back of the drawer again. But then, I stopped, pulled out the piece of paper that drives me crazy and *GASP threw it away.

My God. The feeling of accomplishment. That small, weekly irritance is gone. Why did I not throw it away the first time it bothered me? Why not the fourth? I can't answer that. Habit I guess.

This set me on a thought process of how small wins can add up to big results. Those things we put off every single day, that if we just took five or ten minutes to take care of, we would never have to think about again.

A few years ago I read a "life hack" that said if you're looking for something you can never find, when you do find it, put it in the first place you looked for it. This tiny little tip was mind boggling. Every single time I needed my eyeglass screwdriver (never for eyeglasses, weirdly enough) I would open the medicine cabinet first. It was NEVER in there, but that was always the first thing I opened. So now, guess where that screwdriver lives? That's my purse. No, I'm kidding. It's in the medicine cabinet.

There are a million little things we could do every day that add up to big progress. If I could bring myself to throw away just one thing a day, in a year, I would

have thrown out 365 things that are of no use or value to me or

my life. (We'll not talk about the fact that I bring way more than 365 additional things into the house every year though. That's a different subject.)

Tiny steps add up to big distance.

Today, I ran two miles for the first time in almost two years. And I did them with almost even 13 minute splits. I was pretty freakin' happy about that. I was scared that I'd lost all of my running stamina from being sedentary for so long. But muscle memory IS a thing, and I hit the road with confidence and determination.

In the grand scheme of things, is that two miles going to make a difference in my fitness or my weight? No. But if I do that four times a week, if I incrementally build on that and get back to 5, 10, 20 miles at a time, yeah...that first two miles is a huge deal.

The first small win is massive. It needs to be celebrated. Because first implies there will be more. And it will never matter how small the win is. The next one will build, then one more, then one more. And one day you'll look up and see that EVERYTHING has changed.

Take your first step. Celebrate the win. Then go get another. You will be shocked at what you can accomplish one step at a time.



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