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Stocking Stuffers for Dudes

So, there are 175 days until Christmas.

I know, I hate me, too.

As someone who is obsessed with budgeting AND spoiling the shit out of my family, I do tend to start Christmas shopping early. Okay, fine, I shop all year. And I'm aware of how obnoxious I am, please don't send me notes.

Without a doubt, my husband is the most impossible man to shop for. He doesn't like "stuff" unless it is useful. So, over the nineteen Christmas' we've spent together, I've kind of got the stocking thing down to a science.

Hopefully some of these ideas will give you a place to start for the man in your life. If there are other things that you do, let me know in the comments. I'm always looking for cool ideas.

This little bastard is the coolest thing I've ever seen, so I'll start with him first. It's a garlic crusher that looks like a little baby Dracula. And it WORKS. Yes, of course I have one. I didn't get this for my husband, but I did buy one for a very close male friend and he absolutely loved it, so I can say without a doubt that the man in your life will be tickled to get one of his very own. And it's less than $15.00. A definite winner.

Hot sauce is having a renaissance at the moment, so this one is a little overpriced. When you're shopping online for gift sets like this, either hot sauce, jerkies, candies, whatever, pay really close attention to the size. Because you will be shocked to spend $30.00 and receive mini bottles if you're not prepared for it. That being said, this one is really unique and if your guy loves hot sauce, a little of any of these go a long, long way. So they're pricier, but they'll last a good long time.

We always, always, always put toiletries in our stockings. Deodorants, toothbrushes, stuff like that. I don't know if this was something my own mother started or if I just had it in my head that you should do this, but we've just stuck to the tradition every year. This neat little kit comes with everything your guy would need for a quick weekend getaway with you, or perhaps a short cruise. Don't use it to drop a hint though, he won't get it. Be blunt, or just let him have it for everyday use.

We also do candy, and I like to try to find unique candy, so this collection of Japanese candies is sure to fit the bill. In fact, I already tossed it into my cart so I don't forget to buy it for him.

If your guy isn't big on sweets, you could do wild jerky, savory snacks from other countries, or any other kind of novelty food item you think they might enjoy.

So here are just a few ideas to get you started. Let me know below if you have any stocking traditions in your family.



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