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Sunday Showcase - To Hate and To Hold

I had a Q&A on the Insta-Love group the other night for book club. Someone asked me how I started writing M/M and why I love it. I've shared it here before, but real quick - I discovered M/M as a genre by becoming obsessed with Harry Potter FanFic. It began with Harry/Draco (Drarry) and moved into Harry/Snape (Snarry) once I discovered how much Harry needed an older, authority figure to take care of him and treat him as an equal.

As a heterosexual female type person, I find that I like the more the merrier. Plus, writing vagina sex is difficult. I like when two alpha guys get hot and bothered for each other. I especially like when they physically fight things out. That situation is just not sexy between a man and a woman. Women's lib be damned, I'm not looking to get punched in the face in a fight. But when one gay guy punches another gay guy then brutally kisses his fat lip...well, that's fucking hot. Check out To Hate and To Hold for examples. Tell me Ethan and Jamie aren't sexy as fuck. I'll wait...

This book was the first M/M story I ever wrote. And to date, it's the best selling, highest rated and most talked about of any book I've ever written. Kind of a bummer since I've written dozens since. But, at the same time, it lights my heart on fire to know that so many people still adore my boys as much as I do.

If you've never read it, To Hate and To Hold is the story of two vampires who have hated each other their entire lives. During a thunderstorm they're magically bonded in a vampire marriage and must consummate before the curse destroys them. Naturally, their "hatred" of each other is not everything it has always seemed. Since my books ALWAYS have a happily ever needn't worry that these two idiots find their true love. But the ride to get there is super fun.

In fact, it was so much fun, I just had to revisit them later. Royal Pains picks up where To Hate and To Hold leaves off, and while Ethan and Jamie are in love, that doesn't mean they stopped being stupid about each other.

To be honest...I've been seriously toying with the idea of making Ethan and Jamie a trilogy. There's been a plot just tugging at my heart for these two, and while there are no definite plans...there may be notes in a notebook somewhere for future reference.

When it comes to these two men I am 100% Brokeback Mountain...I just can't quit you.



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