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The Complete Lost and Found Series

Book One - Tropical Hedonism (M/M Romance)

After a boating accident, Sean Harris wakes up staring into the eyes of a handsome doctor. Even when he discovers that he is on an island within the Bermuda Triangle, and there is no way for him to get back to his old life, he can't be too disappointed if it means being stuck with the doctor.

Dr. Wesley Carpenter cannot believe that the younger Sean Harris would want anything to do with him. After half-heartedly turning down the advances of his patient, he realizes that resistance is futile.

The men find themselves falling for each other quickly, but ghosts from their pasts and outside influences try to get in the way of their happiness. Sean and Wesley may be on the island forever, but neither is sure if that guarantees they'll be able to continue their Tropical Hedonism.

Book Two - Not all who Wander (MMF Romance)

Sara has always been a wanderer, traveling the world in search of her next big adventure. When she ends up on a tropical island she’s afraid of being trapped forever. Even more, she meets two men who both want her in their bed—the same bed— and she couldn’t be more confused. While her body screams yes, she’s just not sure she wants to tie herself to any relationship, let alone a ménage.

Gabe and Toby know as soon as they find Sara washed up on the shore of Wyspa that she’s the answer to their dreams, the woman they both want as the third in their relationship. They know she’s their one. They must overcome her doubts and convince her that not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, finding a home is the biggest adventure of all

Book Three - Clandestine (M/M Romance)

Secrets and Lies always have a way of coming to the surface, and in this explosive conclusion of the Lost and Found series, everyone will be exposed to what’s been hidden for too long.

Trevor Morrison and General Jasper Collins have been sneaking around, enjoying illicit rendezvous for months. Neither of them expected a relationship to blossom between them, but now that their feelings have grown deeper, they must decide whether they should continue their clandestine affair.

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