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The More the Merrier

Reverse Harem was all the rage about six months ago. One-hundred years ago when I first starting writing, books about one woman with three or more men were called a super-menage.

Now, they're called reverse harem...which to be honest, I think is kind of dumb. But no one asked me. They really should in these situations. Well, most things, actually. I've got an opinion about most everything.

I'm not a huge fan of the reverse harem. I've written a couple, but they're just not my cup of tea. Where I can totally believe that a woman can fall in love, live with, sleep with and get it on with two men, any more than that is just a to speak.

And not necessarily sexually. If you have a strong enough imagination, a group could be...accommodated. It's the rest of it. I can't happily ever after with three, four or five guys. My God, the one I have now I love to pieces but if he doesn't stop putting the pans in the wrong cupboard I'm gonna scream. And someone wants that shit with four extra guys?

Thanks but no thanks. Even Snow White left seven diamond miners for one single prince. Enough is enough.

I am not judging what anyone likes to read. The whole point of romance is the fantasy of the perfect love story. Of course the guys in these RH books don't behave like real men, and that's the draw. I'm just saying I don't think I'll be writing any more of them.

Also, can I tell you, writing RH sex scenes is fucking complicated. Sometimes, authors use labeled Barbie and Ken dolls to make sure certain positions will work, and to try to keep track of the number of limbs involved. I've also seen diagrams, charts, and art modeling dolls.

Next time you read one of these scenes, notice how many times proper names are used. When you have a big ol' pile of body parts, you can't just use "his" to talk about them. There are too many "hims" to be vague about it.

So, if Reverse Harem is your jam, you can pick up one of mine, or better yet, grab a few of Brynn Paulin's instead. Hers are far superior and there are a lot more of them.



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