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So, by now you have to have figured out that I pretty much write whatever floats my goat.

My first and truest love is Male/Male romance. The tenderness between two butch-ass, alpha men just flat does it for me every time. I love my boys. All of them. And I will forever continue to grow in this genre.

The problem is, I'm a writer. And inspiration hits when and how it will. I am a firm believer that you cannot take any story and make it M/M or M/F. Characters develop in very specific ways, and that is not interchangeable between the sexes.

Often with M/M books, you can tell when a writer isn't really a M/M writer. If you can take out a main, male character and substitute a female character without the story losing anything...well, you probably shouldn't be writing an M/M. Sorry. My opinion I guess, but there it is.

My point is, sometimes a story will come to me, and it is very specifically a relationship between a man and a woman. I am not so stubborn or stuck in my ways to write the story. I love romance, in all it's forms, and I will write whatever it takes to put a great book out into the world.

From a marketing standpoint, as you can imagine, this is a nightmare. I'm known by different people for different things. Sure, all of my M/M covers are differentiated from others by the fact that only my last name appears, and I do believe that helps. But for things like my newsletter, who knows which genre of book drew the reader there? So in that case, I just talk about myself. I assume people want to know about me, if they're hanging around my mailing list.

I mean, you're here. You want to know shit, right?

This is a really long winded way of telling you that I have a new book up for preorder. And it's not M/M or M/F. It's actually the second book in the Baine Family books and it's an M/M/F Paranormal. And it's wonderful...if I do say so myself.

Reagan is a tough as nails bounty hunter, with more kills to her name than anyone her age should. She is ragged and angry and still manages to be vulnerable. The perfect fighting machine, and the perfect heroine.

You don't have to read Mitch to catch up in Reagan. If you don't read M/M, that's cool, you won't miss anything too important and I fill everyone in pretty well on what's happened up to this point in Reagan's life.

So check out Reagan at Amazon. And stay tuned this week as I discuss more about writing across genres. Maybe you'll get some insight into how hard authors work to gain your trust and your love.

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