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What a girl wants

This week we're talking about why I write what I write. Sort of. Mostly I'm just babbling about writing books in general, and how I paint myself into a corner when it comes to reaching you guys.

Vaginas are difficult.

Got your attention, huh?

Sex in general is hard, but when there is a woman involved, it all goes to hell.

You know I'm talking about writing books right? Geez, get your head out of the gutter.

I talked earlier this week about how stories come to me, and they dictate whether the book will be M/M, M/F or even M/M/F-M/F/M. I'm non-discriminatory when it comes to a lot of things, so it should come as no shock that love is love in my books as well.

My first few books were M/F Romance, because that's all I really knew. In fact, these books don't exist anymore because it turns out, I didn't know it that well back then after all. The books were fine, I mean they hit the correct trope notes, they were edited well and there were happy ever afters all around.

But as often happens with authors, we get better the more we write.

My very first book was a M/F vampire romance that is still living in a binder in my bedroom and will NEVER see the light of day. It was awful. Like, not salvageable. Over 100,000 words of garbage. Two years of my life that were totally fun, but not ultimately worth the effort.

My second book, Sweet Dreams, was also a M/F vampire romance, but this one had something. And a publisher agreed. So it was picked up, gone over with a fine tooth comb and put out into the world. Like I said, it was okay.

Over the years I've worked with multiple publishers on dozens of projects. When those businesses closed, I had control that I didn't take full advantage of. But now I know better.

The M/F romance books I have out now are good. I mean...GOOD.

Mr. Wright is one of the best thing I've ever written, and that's saying something for someone who prides herself on her M/M books. When I got the idea for this book, there was not a doubt in my mind that it would be an older man, younger woman story. There was no way the main character would or could be a man. And the story of Benny and Lucy is, quite literally, perfect. They're flawed, they're hilarious and they're doing their best to make it to their happily ever after.

Bump in the Night is another M/F that makes my heart sing. Ainsley couldn't have ever been anything other than a strong female heroine with fears and weaknesses that a man could never understand. And Zane is the quintessential alpha vampire, protecting her from things she didn't even know she needed protecting from. Their relationship is so good, they even won couple of the year when the book came out. Also, perfect.

Like I said earlier this week, sometimes when a story comes, you just know who the characters will be, and I wouldn't risk the story to force it any direction it doesn't want to go.

So, sometimes I write M/F romance. And I don't ever regret it.



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