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What's up this week

Well, it's already the middle of July. Not sure how the hell that happened, but here we are.

Last week, I finished Beach Boys, and it's up for presale now. This book is so damn fun, you're gonna love it. It has everything. Sexy boys, will he/won't he, is he/isn't he... It's great and Alex and Noah are my favorite. If you belong to my newsletter then you've already received a sneak preview, so you know how adorable they are. If you're not, sign up here, there's another preview going out tomorrow. (Plus you'll get a free story right away, how cool is that?)

This week, I'm working out a story that's been in my head for a while, and I've been unsure about whether or not to write it. But I think it's fully captured my heart at this point, so I'll continue to flesh it out and see if I can make it work. Vague enough? Sorry, but stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have an update soon.

I'm also still working with Brynn Paulin on The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise, which is also up for presale now. If M/F is your jam, you should really check it out. It's been so much fun to work with my best friend, and the story is great.

It's Christmas in July still, so don't forget to follow Brynn Paulin so you can watch our very special Christmas Live on Wednesday at 7pm. There is an "outfit" involved that you won't want to miss.

Once our joint project is done, I will get back to work on Touch of Gray Book Nine, No Rest for the Wicked. If you've read Fever Dream, you've probably already emailed me asking how long you have to wait for the next book. I did end it in a bit of a cliffhanger. Sorry about that.

I also have all manner of day job, mom, wife, CEO shit to do this week, too. So I'll be hopping. If you want to keep up to date, make sure you follow me on social and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. You'll get all sorts of insider nonsense from me there.

I love you, have a great week,



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