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Confessions of a writer, runner, planner, mom

First Post - Welcome to the shit show.

No...wait...that's probably not how I should start my first blog post.

Oh well, if you already know me, then you already know. And if you're brand, spankin' new here...then it's probably best to let you know right up front what you're walking into.

So, let's go around the room and share three things about ourselves, shall we?

#1 - I Write Romance Books

It's true. In fact, I've now written over 130 romance books, all of which you can find at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

I will be posting a lot of stuff about writing in this blog.

#2 - I'm Training for a Marathon

This is my second time training for a marathon, and hopefully I will actually be able to complete the training and run the actual race. Last time I trained was about five years ago, and I injured myself during an 18 mile long run. I ended up in air cast and everything. So this time I'm being way smarter and more careful.

I will be posting a lot of stuff about running in this blog.

#3 - My ADHD Causes Me to Hyperfixate

This will be super fun for any of you who decide to follow me here, I'm sure. Because I will find a new shiny object to obsess over, and I will tell you ALL ABOUT IT. So good luck trying to keep up with what this blog is actually about. The theme will probably best be described as chaos. But that's okay. Who doesn't need a little more chaos in their lives?


So yeah, that's pretty much what you can look forward to if you're willing to stick around with me. It may seem a little crazy, but that's okay. I'd rather be a little nuts than be boring.

Don't forget to pop into the comments and tell me a thing or three about yourself as well. Let's all become great friends.

Until next time,



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